Grenouille Zen Shiatsu et Sophrologie à Paris

Korean Relaxation and Shiatsu in Paris

cabinet de Shiatsu à Paris

Shiatsu in Paris

Grenouille Zen is a Shiatsu and Korean Relaxation office, located in Paris, which is born from the desire to bring a moment of calm and well being in an often hectic life.

While comfortably lying on a mat, in a nice and bright space, take a time for yourself.

Shiatsu practitioner certified by the French Traditional Shiatsu Federation, I enriched my practice with Reiki and meditation and other complementary techniques in order to best comply with the teaching of Zen Shiatsu.

Finally, volunteer practitioner for Passerelle Energie, the artists of Paris Burlesque Festival 2012 and rugby players of RCP15 I love multiply experiences in various fields to enrich my daily practice of Shiatsu .


Shiatsu is a traditional Japanese healing art. Based on active listening, holistic approach and the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Zen Shiatsu brings not only a deep physical and mental relaxation, well being, effective help to cope with stress, but also stimulates immune defenses to maintain health.

DSCF1857Using progressive pressure with the thumbs and palms, stretches, the Shiatsu practitioner works on the pathways of acupuncture meridians, to influence the Ki (energy) that flow in them, restore balance and harmonize body and mind.

In Japan , Shiatsu is approved by the Japanese Ministry of Health since 1955 and is recognized as an independent massage practice since 1964.

Shiatsu apply to everyone and can help relieve various symptoms such headaches, backaches, stress and anxiety problems, insomnia, digestive disorders,.. It can be used as a a complement to conventional medicine.

The Shiatsu treatment 

A Shiatsu session lasts approximately 1h and takes place on a futon. After a verbal exchange and a gentle palpation on the abdominal region called Hara, the practitioner seeks to even out the perceived energy imbalances through pressures on the acupuncture meridians, in conjunctions with other techniques such as joint rotation, stretches… At the end of the session, it is possible to review the sensations perceived .


Please bring loose clothing and do not eat heavily or drink alcohol two hours before treatment. Shiatsu is not recommended in people with fresh wounds, bone fractures, inflammations, states of emergency, infectious diseases, fever, heart rhythm disturbance .

Shiatsu is neither a medicine nor an ideology, or a sexual practice.

Korean Relaxation

Korean Relaxation has been created by JB Rishi from massage techniques practiced in families in Asia. Korean Relaxation brings both energy and letting go. Combined with Shiatsu or performed during a dedicated session, it identifies tensions, before gradually relaxing through gentle stretching, vibration and pressure  on the head, arms, hands , legs and feet.

In addition to a deep relaxation, Korean relaxation relax the muscles, decrease physical tensions, remove toxins from the body, improve  blood circulation and energy, free the respiration and gives a sensation of lightness in the legs.

The Korean Relaxation treatment 

relaxation coréenne grenouille zenA session lasts approximately 1h and takes place on a futon. By alternating stretching, rocking and vibrations of each part of the body and integration time, ranging from head to toe, the practitioner induces well being, deep relaxation and body awareness. The vibrations spread throughout the body, reaching muscles, bones, viscera, and nervous system.


Please bring loose clothing and do not eat heavily or drink alcohol two hours before treatment. Korean relaxation is not recommended in case of pregnancy, hip replacement or knee inflammation, fever, states of emergency , bone fracture

Korean Relaxation is neither a medicine nor an ideology, or a sexual practice.